Top Online Courses for Certifications for Tech Jobs

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Top Online Courses for Certifications for Tech Jobs


As the times of the traditional college degree being a necessary requirement for tech jobs are transforming, certifications from online courses are becoming a new norm for a lot of people looking to get into the tech field. Tech companies and other businesses are starting to realize that some online courses teach the same valuable skills that their employees will need without having to do all of the extra, unnecessary work that may come with courses for a traditional degree. Online degrees and certificates are easily accessible, more affordable, and offer just as much experience for students, allowing them to qualify for better opportunities in the tech sector. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of the online courses and where to find the best online courses for certifications to land your next tech job!

Benefits of Online Certifications

One of the biggest benefits of online certifications and degrees is that they don’t require prerequisites and allow the participants to earn more qualifications in a given field or area of expertise. This also means that anyone is eligible for the programs and there is no discrimination or cutoff period where you cannot enroll in the course. There are some other fantastic benefits to taking these online courses. Here are just a few of them:

  • Online courses are cost-effective: obtaining an online certificate can cost much lower than getting a typical two or four-year degree program. There are some courses that offer free resources like lectures, assignments, and discussions in the area of study.
  • Flexible Learning: another great perk is that a lot of these online classes and programs allow students to learn at their own pace or offer flexible scheduling options. Students can study on their lunch breaks or watch lectures while at the gym!
  • Certifications can be completed fairly quickly: Some online courses can be completed as quickly as six to eight weeks, whereas a degree in the same field could take as little as two years. Online learning platforms can offer courses that can be completed in under a year, meaning students can find work quickly after their certification.

Top Online Courses for Tech Certifications

If you’re looking to start a career in technologies, make a change in your career path, or perhaps looking to add more skills to your resume to make yourself look like a more qualified candidate, here are some of the top online technical courses and tech certifications to help you land your next job in tech!


In the tech world, security is one of the most important aspects for businesses. Every day, thousands of hackers attempt to steal information from companies and hack their systems, causing hours of downtime and losses. Keeping crucial and private information safe is a top priority of every IT department, so having qualified experts in cybersecurity is imperative to success. Cybersecurity courses help train you on how to spot potential security risks and how to defend the systems against attacks, as well as how to secure digital files and information. Other skills you may learn are technical support skills, network security, security access monitoring, and how to implement and install anti-malware security software. Coursera has numerous online cybersecurity courses, including this top-rated free course from the University of Maryland.

Software Development

Software development is the creation, testing, and maintenance of software frameworks, applications, and its tools. This is an essential role in IT infrastructure and is the cornerstone of business success when it comes to technology. A great software tool can help improve productivity, improve sales, streamline business processes, and more. Software development is considered to be one of the core courses to take when looking to start a career in information technologies and become a software developer. Large companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Verizon, and more are hiring developers to help continue to improve their products. There are multiple levels to becoming a developer and the skills you’ll learn include full-stack development, backend development, and front-end development.

There are also courses that can train you in programming languages, security, and operating systems. This is a high-demand area of study and there are a number of great courses available online to help build these skills. One of the top courses available is this free online course provided by Duke University that focuses on the Java programming language and the fundamentals of software engineering.

Database Management

Businesses must collect a significant amount of data in order to keep up with trends and stay successful. In order to do so, they must have skilled technicians who are able to design, implement, and optimize database management systems. Taking database management courses can teach you the necessary technical skills to upgrade hardware and software, as well as how to develop policies and procedures that secure databases. Google has several database management certificate programs available, including this free course on Coursera.

Data Science

With artificial intelligence becoming a common tool in the technology sector, data science is becoming a high-demand skill to have when looking for a career in IT. Other technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing require data science skills as well. Data science professionals are in dire need, so taking these courses can make you a high-demand candidate for tech companies. In these certification courses, you will learn about subjects like Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics, Business Intelligence, and more. There are a wide variety of certification courses and online programs available, including this course from Harvard University.

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