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What We Offer – Search IT Jobs

As a robust, communicative recruiting team, our aim is to be an outstanding additional resource in your search. We ask in-depth questions from a perspective of curiosity and compassion and cultivate new relationships with talented candidates and exceptional employers daily. We are committed to introducing unique, skilled jobseekers to great employers. Take a moment and search IT jobs now!

Scion Technology offers placement in temporary, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire opportunities with top start-ups and corporations across the country.

There are many compelling reasons to partner with Scion Technology Staffing in your search. We can:

Expedite the pace of your search

We often have a direct line to hiring managers and administrators, special insight about their team and culture, and can create a profile that places you in front of decision-makers in an intimate pool (rather than a stack of resumes).

Evaluate which positions are the best fit for you

We listen to your goals, capabilities, and strengths to help you make the best decisions possible to develop your career in technology. With resources across the country and in major tech hubs, we can connect you with roles that are highest in demand at tech firms.

Help you tap into related industries and fields

We are not just employment experts – we are market experts. We understand the high demand for tech workers and have resources to jump start your career in tech. Not all industry transitions are easy, but we can provide valuable perspective on the mindset of hiring managers in a variety of fields to help you broaden your horizons and find roles with some of the largest tech companies in the market.

Highlight the most-relevant skills in your background

We collaborate with you in interest of general upcoming opportunities as well as particular positions to make sure we have a strong of when to reach out to you, and how to best convey your skills to employers in the tech industry. With the demand for quality tech talent so high, in-demand tech skills will make you stand out to tech firms!

Educate you on the state of the market

We understand that your worth is more than a dollar sign. We talk about compensation, benefits, culture perks, and the overall contribution you make with your technology skills. The tech industry is booming now more than ever and roles like developers, analysts, and engineers are in strong demand. Make sure you’re prepared with the most up-to-date information for your job search.

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We’d love to review your qualifications and past experiences. Please start the dialogue and apply with us! We’ll be sure to reach out if we feel you could be a great fit for some of the incredible teams we work with.

If you’re looking to break into the tech industry or looking to make a change in your established tech career, Scion Technology can help you find quality roles in the technologies field that fit your personal and professional goals. From groundbreaking cloud system roles like cloud architect to high demand tech roles like software developers, our amazing team of technology recruiters understands how to find the best tech roles and companies for you.

Our goal at Scion Technology is to match amazing people and job seekers with the technology roles that will advance the growth and development of their tech careers. When you need an experienced partner to find a myriad of careers in tech, Scion Technology has the experience, resources, services, and ability to match you with your dream job in the tech jobs market. Start a conversation with one of our technologies recruiting experts today!