Enhance Your Technical Skills With These Online Courses

Enhance your tech skills with these online courses

Enhance Your Technical Skills With These Online Courses

Many companies are supporting online growth and education for their employees. Whether you are hoping to grow in your leadership, your specified field, or you’d like to learn a new skill, investing in online courses are an incredible asset to your career. We’ve put together a list of some of the top courses out there for you to explore as you entertain the idea of starting a course (and bonus: many of these are free!) 

Best Online Courses for Enhancing your Technical Skills

Udemy: This platform has much to offer- especially for the someone learning on a budget. From free courses taught by entrepreneurs, professors and professionals to classes and courses that are frequently discounted, you are guaranteed to find something to enhance your skills. They offer classes in tech, business, and marketing, as well as explore options in productivity, health, hobbies, and lifestyle. 


LinkedIn Learning: One of the best things about LinkedIn Learning’s courses is that you can subscribe to a free one-month trial to test the waters! You have access to thousands of courses in design, art, business, education and tech. LinkedIn is a trusted platform so you can know that the courses are quality.  


Skillshare: If you only have a few minutes a day (think: lunch break) Skillshare is your best bet. With this platform, you get “bite-sized” classes that are about 15 minutes a day. Not only can you try the platform out for a month for free; there are more than 500 free classes and even more premium classes in topics such as: writing, tech, film, lifestyle and more!  


Codecademy: If you’ve ever wanted to learn to code, Codecademy is for you! Why? This platform offers courses on coding in various programming languages such as: JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and Python. One of the best aspects of Codecademy is that this platform is free! They offer multiple beginner or refresher courses at no charge, it’s an amazing way to try out a new skill with very little commitment.  


 Regardless of where you land in your career- starting, middle or if you just desire to learn a new skill- these resources are an incredible starting place. We hope you utilize these tools to grow your skills and career! For more tools and tips, head over to our blog!