FAQ for Employers

FAQ For Employers

Are you looking to hire staff using Scion Technology Staffing’s award-winning staffing services? View some of our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for employers to get you started on your journey!

How soon can you send talent by?

As soon as we get off an intake call with the hiring manager directly, we can have a candidate to them in about 48 hours if needed. Generally, we will work within your timeframe to find a candidate!

Is it necessary for recruiters to speak with hiring manager?

Yes, especially in tech as it helps us understand how to best get candidates interested in the role.

How are you different from other firms?

You can request staff by visiting our Request Staff page, located here on our website!

What specific salary range should we aim to hire in?

Salaries can range for different roles in the tech industry. Once you set up a meeting with one of our recruiters, we can provide up-to-date salary guides to show you the different salary ranges for the roles you are looking to hire for!

What kind of jobs does Scion Technology fill?

Scion Technology can fill a wide variety of roles in the tech sector. From computer programming to graphic design and more, we will find a candidate that is the perfect match for your needs!

Are candidates background checked before they work with us?

If the position requires a background check, Scion Technical will provide a background check!

What if I'm not satisfied with the employee placed?

We understand that in rare cases the candidate may not be the best fit. We ask for two weeks’ notice to keep professionalism. Contact our placement team to help with the process and answer any questions.

Is it best to hire remotely?

Remote work has increased drastically post-pandemic. While most software roles are remote or offer some form of remote/hybrid schedule, hiring remotely will allow you to cast a wider net of skilled candidates in your search. Especially if you are looking to hire for a highly niche position where maybe only a handful of candidates in the US have that exact skillset, opening up the search to remote candidates will help ensure we find the perfect fit for your team.