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Scion Technology quickly delivers deep proven experienced EdTech recruiting for EdTech corporations, schools, universities, educational organizations, and related entities. In addition to our expertise in technology recruiting and staffing for corporate enterprises, Scion brings a division of expertise in recruitment of quality candidates for sectors of education, creative, nonprofit staffing and more. 

We Are a Proven Award-Winning Tech Recruiting Resource  

Since 2006 Scion Technology has been recruiting for education technology positions. As seen in the Forbes list of leading staffing and recruiting firm, Scion brings together an incredibly diverse and robust network of tech talent for education and technology employers. If you are seeking a proven pathway to fill your leadership, management, or direct contributor technology positions we can help you fully realize your talent hiring and internal strategic goals.

We Are Experts in Staffing Education, Technology and DEI Recruitment Strategies  

We understand the needs of the educational sector, and the importance of hiring professional, experienced, and motivated staff for your team. As a firm deeply committed to DEI and creating positive impact in our work, we are highly skilled at delivering strong talent pipelines that offer a diversity of backgrounds and experience in alignment with your hiring goals. We listen, leverage our built vast permanent EdTech candidate pool, network, recruit, and then deliver you the talent you have been searching for. 

We Work on Your Timeline 

Our recruiters are responsive and trained as experts in our field. We provide our clients access to our nationwide private talent network of technology and education options plus limitless networking and headhunting/recruiting capabilities for your open position(s).  We work to meet your timeline and can meet your needs by moving quickly to delivery you exceptional prospective candidates for permanent EdTech and other positions to quickly hire. We are education and technology staffing and recruiting experts.    

With an expansive global and vast national talent pool of diverse technology and education professionals our nationwide offices and remote technology education recruiters are immediately equipped to staff your organization with incredible tech professionals that are passionate about your work and mission.

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The EdTech Market   

The EdTech market size was recently valued to be over 254 billion in size. The global market is projected to expand to over 600 million by 2027. This stagger growth rate is both driven by population growth and the rapidly expanding technology opportunities with the education space. The global technology sector has been evolving rapidly with the main categories servicing primary education, secondary education, corporate/training as the sector leverages digital education and remote learning opportunities. From game-based learning to mobile the impacts and growth of the sector are expansive. As reported by Edscoop, the U.S. holds 43% holding of all EdTech companies globally, 1,385 EdTech companies in total. India is the second largest with 327 EdTech companies in the world

We Provide Education Technology Staffing and Recruiting For: 

Business Analysts

Project Managers

Program Managers

Software Engineers

Instructional Designers

Product Designers

Help Desk Technicians

IT Technicians

   No matter your physical location or remote status we stand ready to support you in the hiring process. Request staff now to learn more about our resources and how we can meet your hiring goals. Our team looks forward to working to exceed your expectations as a true partner. Scion Technology Staffing is an exceptional match to recruit and staff for U.S. educational sector employers seeking qualified candidates and staff for positions within the United States or remote.