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Scion Technology provides award-winning tech recruiting and staffing services for technology companies located in the greater Austin area. Our team is a full-service tech & IT recruitment and staffing agency located in Austin, Texas.

Scion Technology has been a leader in tech staffing and recruiting for Austin and the greater Texas area for nearly two decades! Our state-of-the-art staffing and recruiting team continue to evolve our strategies with the ever-changing world of information technology. Industries have changed over the years, but none more than the tech sector, and it is our job to provide tech employers and job seekers the opportunity to grow along with the industry. By providing our amazing clients and candidates with expert recruiting and direct-hire staffing service, we are able to match amazing companies with quality employees and vice versa. This is why we are considered to be an industry leader in tech staffing and recruiting, as our dedicated team of knowledgeable recruiters stays on top of industry trends and hiring trends within the tech sector. Contact our team today to work with the top Austin tech& IT staffing & recruitment agency!

Award-Winning Tech Recruiting and Staffing

The capital city of Texas, Austin has grown to become a thriving arts and technology center for the entire country. With a wide variety of music and arts festivals throughout the year, Austin has so much to offer for entertainment, but it has even more to offer to those in the tech industry. Some of the biggest companies in tech are making Austin their home base for operations and it has made a huge impact on the city and the surrounding area. There are over 87,000 employees in the tech sector in Austin, and it makes up over 15% of the economy, the highest of any industry in the area. As the industry continues to grow and more tech companies make Austin home, they will be looking to add qualified technology experts to their company or for projects from staffing agencies and recruiting agencies. This is where Scion Technology excels compared to other staffing firms, offering qualified candidate options, helpful additional resources, experienced executive searches, and flexible staffing solutions to help companies reach their end goal.

We work with our valued clients to discover the right fit for your team. Not only do we carefully listen to what job qualifications will be a match for your need, we also make sure to take into consideration your team and workplace culture when going through our selection of candidates. We are committed to finding the right candidate match and placing talented candidates to fit with your team long-term.

A Socially Conscious Staffing & Recruitment Firm in Austin

We are proud to work with and have strong relationships with small businesses, remote businesses, emerging startups and established corporations in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas. Our technology recruiters utilize their years of experience and our expansive national network of exceptional talent, over 350,000 in our private professional talent pool as well as a reach of 14 million candidates with varying levels of skills and expertise in national and local networks to find you the right fit- every time. Our goal as a full-service employment agency is to find qualified IT professionals that have the skill levels and experience to help get your business on track.

As part of our organizational mission, we conduct our staffing and recruiting services with a diverse, equitable, and inclusive outlook. We practice this in both our staffing and recruitment services, as well as our internal team hiring process. Scion is committed to conducting business partnerships with like-minded companies and organizations that also practice diverse, equitable, and inclusive hiring methods to find the best job candidates, no matter who they are.

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Our team will match you with exceptional talent and make your hiring process easier with our award-winning talent solutions and technology recruiting services by starting a search today to fill your tech roles. 

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