Contract IT Staffing

Contract IT Staffing

Scion is an award-winning contract IT staffing service listed in the Business Times list of top staffing firms for over thirteen years running and recently awarded to this years list of Best Recruiting Firms in the world by Forbes.

From top corporations, startups to prestigious nonprofit organizations, we supply new exceptional IT contract staff with a wide range of technical skills, experience, and knowledge. No matter the size of your team, budget, or required timeline, our experienced tech recruitment professionals stand ready to meet your needs.

Our ready to work and reliable IT contract staff members are always excited for new challenges within a wide range of verticals including (but not limited to):

  • IT & Engineering (Architects, Engineers, Developers, IT Applications Staff, Network Professionals)
  • Product & Database (Developers, Managers)
  • Technical Operations (Directors, Managers, Assistants)
  • Creative (Creative Directors, UI/UX, Product/Apparel Design, Graphic Design)
  • Marketing & Communications (Managers, Product, Web / Interactive, Coordinators, Assistants)
  • Design (Directors, Product Designers, Web & Interactive)
  • Technical Sales & Help Desk (Managers, Assistants, Representatives)

We work with a private vetted talent pool of local IT professionals to offer immediate response to urgent staff needs, and work both locally and nationally on tailored searches across a variety of industries and talent levels. In addition, our countywide candidate pool is extremely expansive and always available for searches requiring additional talent to consider. We’ll hear you, and then we’ll help you find it.

Our team stands ready to recruit and select best-fit IT talent on your behalf! To connect with one of our recruiters, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!

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