How to Craft a High-Quality Tech Resume

How to Craft a High-Quality Tech Blog

How to Craft a High-Quality Tech Resume

Crafting a high-quality tech resume goes far beyond the choice of font, format, or layout or what to include in your cover letter. Even the best style can’t beat great content. Having a great resume isn’t only about highlighting your relevant skill or experience. Although it’s certainly important to keep at least a few bullet points on the defined scope and responsibilities of a given role on your resume, a great resume contains content that emphasizes impact, initiative, learning, and growth, which showcases your wide range of key skills and really catches the attention of the hiring manager and employers!

Here are just a few examples of the types of accomplishments that you can add to your tech resume to demonstrate that a strong focus on delivering quantifiable results and value is a part of your professional brand:

Lead Projects

Leading projects to completion, even of a smaller scale, is impressive! It demonstrates an ability to guard focus over time, organize, overcome obstacles, earn buy-in from stakeholders, identify pain points, and work well with others. It’s even more attention-grabbing if the project or projects that you’ve led are outside of the defined scope of your role.

It takes a large degree of initiative to step up to take ownership of additional responsibilities. What’s more, a professional that’s able to identify a pain point, propose a solution, and then follow-through on the implementation of that solution is an incredible addition to any team, even more so if they’re able to accomplish this of their own initiative!

In this area, imagination is really the limit. You might be able to step up to improve onboarding processes for your team, increase efficiency with a new dashboard or feedback collection portal, or even work cross-functionally with other departments on an idea to grow brand awareness. See a need, fill a need as it were.

Keep Your Skills Sharp

Further learning and intentional growth demonstrate a passion for your role and industry. Professionals who love what they do tend to be happier, make better teammates, and deliver better results. One of the best ways to convey your excitement for your chosen profession is to highlight some of your favorite ways to keep up to date not only on your skillset, but also on your industry.

One idea could be to add a section to your tech resume that highlights the best books or articles you’ve read in the past 6 months with some of the key takeaways. Another way to highlight your passion for learning could be to pursue high quality certifications, which not only help keep your skillset sharp, but can also provide excellent opportunities for networking within your industry.

Some of the best trainings to highlight on your tech resume are those that you create! There’s no better way to demonstrate that you understand material than being able to teach others. Plus, you can use this as an opportunity to deepen the relationships with your teammates and establish yourself as an SME on the team.

Measurable Impacts

Even within the scope of your role, a focus on delivering measurable value to your company or organization will set you apart! It could be anything from growing a user base, to growing revenue, to organizing a conference or event, to improving user feedback, to performance enhancements for engineering, to a track record of delivering projects on time, but it’s well worth highlighting. The key is communicating that you understand that your role doesn’t operate in a vacuum, but rather functions as a cohesive part of your team to add quantifiable business value.

Needless to say, this list is not exhaustive. There are a ton of creative ways to use your resume to communicate your professional brand and to highlight your technical skills and accomplishments to demonstrate your focus on adding value to your company and team. Be intentional about what you choose to include and ensure that you’re taking every opportunity to create impact in your role today. Not only will it help you advance faster in your current position, but it will also make writing your future tech resume easier if and when that time comes!

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This article was written by Ryan Morgan, a technology recruiter with Scion Technology Staffing.