Why the Metaverse Could Have an Effect on the Real-World Job Market

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Why the Metaverse Could Have an Effect on the Real-World Job Market

When Mark Zuckerberg, the famous co-founder and CEO of Facebook, made the announcement in 2021 that the popular social media giant would be shifting gears and changing their name to “Meta”, it created a shockwave of response from users and market analysts across the globe. One of Zuckerberg’s major points of emphasis during his announcement was the shift to using what he called “the Metaverse”, a place where our real world can connect to this virtual world. Zuckerberg sees our future in technologies and is looking to make the metaverse a place that encompasses everything about our reality. With virtual reality gaming becoming more popular, Zuckerberg and other companies are taking this opportunity to tap into the metaverse to create virtual hangouts, games, and even jobs.

Yes, instead of going to your office job to work, you can roll out of bed in your pajamas, put on your VR headset and your avatar will show up in a virtual office with your other co-workers. While it may seem like a funny thought, it turns out that this kind of professional virtual environment could become more real than we could have ever imagined. In this blog, we’ll be talking about how the shift to the metaverse could end up shifting the real-world job market.

What is the metaverse?

In the most basic answer, the metaverse is a collective virtual shared space. We’ve seen versions of the metaverse portrayed in entertainment like the worlds of “Ready Player One”, “Tron”, and the famous novel “Snow Crash” by author Neal Stephenson. It’s a virtual reality platform in which people can communicate and interact with each other and other virtual 3D items. People can walk around, talk to their friends, purchase items, and see concerts and other events, just as they would in reality.

The metaverse expands well beyond just virtual reality gaming experiences.

Artists can share their works, a big development with the rise in NFTs and blockchain technology, musicians can perform concerts, and virtual land can even be purchased. The possibilities for the metaverse are endless in the consumer market.

Are companies really buying into the concept of the metaverse?

Outside of Facebook and Zuckerberg, there are some very large companies that are taking the metaverse shift seriously. Large corporations like Microsoft, Epic Games, and Roblox have heavily invested into the metaverse. Epic Games, the company responsible for the popular video games Fortnite and Rocket League, considers Fortnite to be a crucial part of the metaverse, with over 80 million players in their worldwide community.

Roblox, mostly known for the game of the same title, considers itself to be a metaverse corporation rather than a gaming company, which could lead to the creation of more metaverse companies. Tech companies are now looking to make an investment into the virtual space, leading to the creation of more jobs in both the augmented reality and the real world.

Some companies are beginning to use the metaverse experience as a way to hire, holding interviews and hiring events in these digital worlds. Companies like Hyundai and Samsung have already implemented these types of events.

Will the metaverse affect the job market in the real world?

With the rise of virtual reality gaming, the metaverse has been able to expand its reach beyond just the virtual realm. Companies are starting to invest into the metaverse, creating new opportunities for those who want to enter the field. Video game designers and programmers could become a very hot commodity for companies looking to build their own digital office or create their own specific section of the digital space. In the next few years, we could see an upcoming recruitment drive in the field and see plenty of economic opportunities.

We could see a lot of real-world jobs created in order to boost this virtual reality workspace.

This could also bring change into how the normal workday is performed as well. Facebook has already introduced a remote work app within the metaverse called Horizon Workrooms. The company introduced it in August, and it allows people to use their virtual reality headsets to hold meetings with their avatars in a digital conference room.

As the coronavirus has caused companies to take a more remote approach, the demand for these virtual worlds has increased exponentially. In order to retain talent, these companies are making the shift to more digital platforms in order to keep the same levels of human interaction. Being able to communicate within the metaverse and interact with other humans is a great way to keep morale high and retain employees.

Could I get a real job in the metaverse?

There’s a high possibility that companies may start offering jobs within the metaverse sooner than we think. NFTs, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency can all become a crucial part of the metaverse, allowing people to trade and exchange goods and services, as we do in the real world. Facebook is even working on tech that will allow people to “feel” things within the virtual world. As for careers, right now there is not a large market, but some careers that may become a reality are psychiatrists/therapists, fitness instructors, “building” or interior designers for offices and virtual homes, and financial advisors (for cryptocurrency).

Is the metaverse a threat to the real-world job market right now?

Right now, the metaverse doesn’t pose a major threat to the real-world job market. It does, however, look like it could supplement the real-world job market by creating new opportunities for those in the tech sector. Companies like Facebook, Niantic, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and more will be looking to hire professionals to make sure that their metaverse products and technology stays up to par. As we continue to learn more about virtual reality living, the more the demand for this technology will increase. This means that the need for skilled workers in the tech industry will only grow.

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